DFS-200, BMR Technology Corporation’s plasma asher, is a downstream plasma asher designed for plasma-damage-free photoresist ashing based on proprietary inductively coupled plasma technology.

Its unique capability of tight wafer temperature control makes DFS-200 particularly useful for photoresist ashing of temperature sensitive devices.

DFS-200’s fully automated vacuum cassette wafer loading system provides cost-effective high throughput photoresist ashing for mass production.
 Proprietary Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Technology
 Low DC & RF plasma potentials
 Downstream plasma with an optional ion grid
 Plasma-damage-free photoresist ashing with high ashing rate
 Electrostatic Chuck for accurate control of wafer temperature
 Low temperature process (<100) capability for temperature sensitive microelectronics devices.
 Vacuum cassette wafer loading system
 Accurate process pressure control
 Easy-to-use control software with a recipe editor
 Ideal for cost-effective mass production
 Process chamber made of 6061-T6 Aluminum billet
 Up to 200mm wafer
 Patented inductively coupled plasma source (ICP) for efficient      generation of oxygen radicals.
 Proprietary electrostatic filed shield for true inductive coupling      of RF power to plasma to prevent plasma damage due to      electrostatic fields
 Optional ion shield to prevent ion-induced plasma damage
     Dry vacuum pump
 Controllable process pressure ( 200mTorr ~ 5 Torr )
     1.2 KW RF Power Supply @ 13.56MHz with an automatic      match network
 Bipolar type electrostatic wafer clamping
 Wafer temperature controllable from room temperature to      200
 Two Mass Flow controlled gas lines
 Photoresist ashing rate > 7500/min.
 Windows 2000 based graphic user interface (GUI)
 Automatically controlled 25 wafer cassette loading in vacuum.
 A dedicated dual-stage rotary vane pump for cassette loading chamber
 SECS I, II/GEM Interface